About Us: Why Choose Your Display Experts?

The Your Display Experts Story


Your Display Experts was launched in February of 2015, as the Sister Company of Half Price Banners, the largest ecommerce banner company in North America since 2012. The reasoning behind the launch of Your Display Experts was that we believed our customers were focused on not only trade show display products that were of the highest quality, but also a service that gave them solutions to achieving exhibit success in terms of marketing and advertising their brand.


Finding a gap in the market for a more comprehensive service, the Your Display Expert team decided to integrate their experience from Half Price Banners, and focus on dedicating their services to provide the highest quality and best selection of displays in the industry in an easy- to -navigate on-line experience. By focusing on what our customers needed, we were able to not only be a product based service, rather we became your personal display consultant.


As trade show display consultants, we help you every step of the way, from basic design to production. We don’t stop there; we love hearing your success stories and customizing our solutions for your trade show display needs. As a team, we are rooting for your success and that is why we have already earned a solid reputation for quality and superior customer service.


The Your Display Experts Goal:

Our goal is to provide our customers:

  • Ease of accessing product information for their trade show display.
  • Superior customer service from the order to the design and delivery.
  • Creative design support to enhance the shopping experience.
  • A comprehensive trade show product list for every form of trade show displays.

Why Your Display Experts:

When you order from Your Display Experts:

  • You get professionals who help you design award winning displays.
  • You get consultants who provide industry specific knowledge for your success.
  • You get a guaranteed Five Star Value Service for quality and design.
  • You get a one stop service for your trade show display marketing requirements.