Why choose Your Display Experts?

Quality: We guarantee that every product we ship is of the highest quality and will be free of defect, or we will replace it free of charge. Our displays are made of the most durable materials available on the market, and our print quality is fantastic. As a G7 Master Printer, we are positioned to provide industry leading color accuracy throughout our graphic and production processes. Our goal is to deliver long-lasting, great-looking displays at half the cost and twice the quality of our competitors.

Service: When you place an order with us, you have an entire team of expert graphic designers and consultants at your service. Our designers review every design for print quality, color, layout and visibility of your message.

Price: We offer the lowest possible prices without scrimping on materials. Many of our competitors use cheaper material and print settings to cut their costs. We buy the good stuff in large volumes and pass the savings on to you.

Turnaround: We have one of the fastest turnarounds in the industry. Visit the Turnaround tab of each product for more information.


Where does Your Display Experts manufacture its graphics?

We are proud to say that all of our graphics are printed and shipped in the USA. Our office is located in Shawnee, KS. Every graphic we make is designed and manufactured by American workers.


What are Your Display Experts' office hours?

Our office and phone lines are open from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm CST.


Is there a minimum order amount?

No, there is no minimum purchase amount required. We value your business, large or small.


What payment options are available?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Paypal. If you have a large order to place and would like to pay by check, please contact info@yourdisplayexperts.com for details.


How soon will my proof be available?

If you complete your order by 3:00 pm CST, you typically will receive a proof within one business day. More complex graphic layouts could potentially require more proofing time. Your designer will be in contact with you through email in this situation.


Can I make changes if I don't like my proof?

Once your order has been placed and your proof is ready, your designer will notify you by email. Once logged in, you may then approve the proof for print or send us any changes you would like to make.


Will Your Display Experts notify me if my artwork will not print well?

Yes, we will always let you know if your artwork is not suitable for print, and we may be able to suggest alternatives in some cases.


Can I see a proof without placing an order?

Sorry, but we can only provide proofs if an order has been placed through our website. This helps us keep our costs down and enables us to sell our displays at affordable prices.


What if I don't want a proof?

Bypassing the proofing process can lead to numerous unforeseen errors, resulting in unwanted and unnecessary reprint charges. This is why all of our products require that you approve a proof before your order is sent to production. This process helps us to ensure that we can send you a display with no errors in spelling, color, or layout, and it verifies that your artwork has loaded correctly into our design software.


When will my order ship?

Hardware only orders ship the next business day after your order is placed. Full kit and graphic only orders typically ship three business days after proof approval. More complex graphics could potentially require more production time. Your designer will be in contact with you through email in this situation.


What shipping options are available?

Depending on services available in your area, we offer the following UPS shipping options: Ground, 3 Day Select, 2nd Day Air, Next Day Air, and Next Day Air Saver. Orders with 1 or 2 day shipping receive priority in production.


Does Your Display Experts offer quantity discounts?

Yes, we offer quantity discounts on most products. Simply select your quantity in the calculator on any of our product pages, and the total discounted price will be displayed. Quantity discounts only apply to multiple copies of the exact same item with the exact same artwork. If ordering 25+ of the same item, email info@yourdisplayexperts.com or call 844-723-1237.


Where can I find pricing?

You may use the Price Calculator on any of our product pages for quick and easy price lookup.


Why is the price different from the last time I ordered?

We do our best to maintain a consistent level of pricing that our customers can rely on. Occasionally, changes in the costs of goods requires us to adjust our pricing accordingly, but our goal is always to deliver the highest quality product at the lowest price possible.


How does Your Display Experts determine the design fee?

Your Display Experts does not incorporate the design fee into product price to ensure the lowest price possible for each individual customer.  Design fees are determined on a case-by-case basis because Your Display Experts offers a variety of products with a variety of design and printing options. Design fees are determined by the amount of time each designer takes to turn your artwork into the desired graphic display. Your designer will be in contact with you by email for your approval of all design fees.


What kind of art files does Your Display Experts accept?

We recommend vector files whenever possible. Vector files should be submitted in Adobe Illustrator (AI), EPS or PDF format. Raster files should have a minimum resolution of 200 dpi and be submitted in PSD, TIF, JPG, BMP or GIF format. For more information, please visit our Art Specs page.


Can Your Display Experts guarantee color matching?

We maintain our printer profiles regularly to ensure the most accurate printing colors possible, but we cannot guarantee Pantone or any other kind of color matching. For most accurate color reproduction, we recommend that all files be submitted in CMYK color mode. Remember that RGB colors as seen on computer screens almost always differ from a CMYK print, and certain bright RGB colors will become duller when converted for printing. This is why we recommend converting any RGB files to CMYK and reviewing them yourself before placing your order.

To convert an RGB file to CMYK:

Photoshop users - open the file and go to Image>Mode and choose CMYK Color.

If you don't have access to Photoshop, you can go to www.rgb2cmyk.org and convert your file to a CMYK jpg for free. Please make sure to choose JPG for the output format.

We recommend reviewing your file after the conversion to see if any of the colors have changed. Depending on the complexity of your design, we may be able to adjust the colors in your file and help you find the best one for CMYK printing. Just contact the Your Display Experts designer for your order or call 1-844-723-1237 and ask for the art department.

If you have an order on which color matching is important, you may supply us with a swatch number from the CMYK side of a Pantone Color Bridge book, which illustrates how Pantone colors will appear when printed on a CMYK press. We can only attempt to match the colors shown in the CMYK side of the Color Bridge book. We will work with you to get the closest color possible and will ship samples for approval if needed (for an additional fee).


Why are there dye sublimated, thermal imprinted and digitally printed graphics?

Each product’s printing method was determined by which printing method would best display the graphic on the product. For more information regarding the differences between dye sublimation, thermal imprint and digital print please visit our Art Specs page.


Do Your Display Experts products come with warranties?

Most of our products come with some sort of warranty. For specific product warranties visit our website, email info@yourdisplayexperts.com or consult the product instructions sheet that arrived with your display.


I am having trouble setting up my display. What should I do?

Video instructions and a product instructions sheet are available on our website. Simply open the page of your product, click on the Assembly tab and you will find both the video link and written instructions. Additionally, each product ships with a product instructions sheet containing assembly instructions. If you need further help, email a digital picture of your display to info@yourdisplayexperts.com.


Notice to Purchaser

Information contained on this site is believed to be reliable but neither accuracy nor completeness is guaranteed. Your Display Experts' only obligation shall be to replace such quantity of the product proven to be defective. Your Display Experts shall not be liable for any injury, loss or damage, direct or indirect, arising from the use or inability to use its products.


Product Warranty and Service Guarantee

It is very important that the customer inspect his or her order within 48 hours of receipt of merchandise. The customer must carefully inspect the graphics and product counts for any items ordered. All displays should be assembled upon arrival to ensure proper fit and that all parts have been received. By doing this, the customer will verify that all parts were received and that the condition of products meets expectations.

Product Warranty: Any items found to be defective will be replaced or repaired at the factory's discretion. Warranties are not transferable. It does not cover damage due to accidents, normal wear and tear or abuse. Warranties vary by product- consult the product page or the information sheet that arrived with your product for more information. The warranty begins on the ship date. If a customer reports a defect of unknown origin, and the digital photo provided by the customer does not resolve the issue of origin, we will issue a Return Shipment (RS) label to retrieve the product for evaluation. The warranty status will be determined once product has been inspected. We issue pre-paid RS shipping labels by forwarding a FedEx provided link to the customer via email. The RS label must be retrieved by the customer and printed within 10 days of issue before the link expires. NOTE: If we have covered the cost of freight for return of a product and it is later determined that damage is not covered by warranty then the customer will be billed for all freight charges incurred.

Warranty and Freight Charges: As previously mentioned, the warranty is based on the ship date. If the claim is initiated under 30 days from the ship date, we will pick up the freight cost in full to and from our facility. This is usually done via FedEx Ground Service. If the claim is initiated over 30 days from the ship date, we will pay for FedEx Ground Service only from our facility. If expedited freight is required, the customer is responsible for the full cost of shipping.

Returns: Claims for shipping damages or count discrepancies must be reported within 10 business days of receipt of merchandise. Non-imprinted standard items may be returned within 30 days of receipt and will be assessed a 15% restocking free. Credit will not be issued for merchandise arriving at our facility that is damaged and/or unfit for resale. We reserve the right to refuse a return. Returns arriving after 90 days may be refused. For special situations, contact info@yourdisplayexperts.com.


Product FAQ

How do I clean my table throw?

All poly-twill and poly stretch materials are machine washable on a gentle cycle using a mild detergent. Hang dry for best results, or tumble dry on low heat. Use a damp cloth and mild detergent to clean nylon table covers. DO NOT DRY CLEAN any of our table throws. Follow the enclosed care instructions when storing your item to avoid wrinkling or damage.


How do I clean my graphic?

Most of our graphics can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth. For further instructions, consult the Assembly tab on the product page or the product instructions sheet that arrived with your product. Never dry clean any of our graphics.


Why can I only purchase a single-sided graphic only when the display can be double-sided?

The graphic that corresponds with the particular display is single-sided, but the display can accommodate two graphics. To covert the display into a two-sided display you need two single-sided graphics: one for the front of the display and one for the rear of the display.


What is a retractor?

Retractors are a very portable way to market and promote a product or service. Portability is key. Retractors have a high visual impact and retract so they can be moved from place to place and displayed in seconds. Because the graphic can retract, the user can protect the graphic while transporting or storing the retractor. The Retractor Calibration Assessment Test (RCAT) device tests the durability of all our retractor displays, certifying each one to a minimum number of retractions.


Why is my retractor leaning forward?

If the retractor is leaning forward, chances are that the pole is not seated into the base correctly. Always make sure the pole is seated into both holes correctly, bases have a visual hole at the top and a hidden one inside the base.


What are the differences in the pop-up displays?

We have three main types of hardware for our pop up displays.

  • The Geometrix Pop Up Display uses the Echo hardware, which is designed for occasional use. It is made of a lightweight, spring action aluminum pop up frame that has a one year warranty.
  • The Splash and Show ‘N Rise Displays use the Show ‘N Rise hardware, which is designed for regular use. The high grade, .03” wall thickness aluminum frame has a bayonet locking system and scissor construction. The frame has a two year warranty. Medium weight nylon connecting hubs attach to the graphic.
  • The Arise Curved Table Top Display uses the Arise hardware and is for the event professional.  The high grade, .04” wall thickness extruded aluminum frame has self locking scissor construction. The frame has a lifetime warranty. Magnet rails connect to the frame for magnet to magnet panel registration to the laminated full-color mural graphic panels.


What is the best way to install my laminated mural graphic panels onto my Arise frame?

Make sure that the floor is even. First install the center panels from left to right, then install the end panels last.  End panels may be stiff for the first use; if this is the case than hang the panels up for a few hours to allow the fabric to relax. End panels are easily installed by hooking the hangers at the top and “hugging” the panel while attaching to the magnet rails.  If the panels don’t appear to line up verify that the mag rails are completely locked into place on the frame. If the mag rails appear to be demagnetized, clean with a damp cloth.


Why can’t I order just one graphic mural panel?

Color matching cannot be guaranteed between production batches of the graphic mural panels, and Your Display Experts cannot guarantee that the images and text will line up to previously printed panels. To ensure that color and graphics will align you must order all graphic mural panels at the same time.


My hardware is broken. What do I do now?

Replacements parts are offered on many of our hardware pieces.  Send a digital photo of your display and the broken component to info@yourdisplayexperts.com to inquire about replacement parts.


How durable are the tents?

All of our tents are rated to withstand winds up to 25 mph. The frame is constructed of lightweight, strong anodized aluminum with strong ABS glass-filled nylon joints. The unique hexagon legs provide even more stability. The easy-to-use crank-up canopies are made of 400 denier polyester are far more durable than the competition’s 250 denier canopies. The 50+ UV protection and weather-resistant canopy is the perfect way to shield against the sun and rain. We recommend that ground stakes with rope and two steel or one water ballast per leg be used.