5 Star Value Guarantee
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Your Display Experts Best Value and Customer Service Commitment

1st ★ – Customer Service Guarantee

YourDisplayExperts.com provides a wide range of consulting services upfront to help guide you into the most practical, cost-effective display options. Whether this is your first time ordering a display or you are a trade show veteran, our experienced and friendly consultants will make sure you have a full understanding of all options available to you. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority!

2nd ★ – Display Hardware Commitment for Durability and Longevity

Not all display hardware is created equal! There is a wide range of components that can be used in hardware assembly, and the quality of these components often determines how long a display can be used.

What differentiates YourDisplayExperts.com from the competition is our commitment to thorough testing of our hardware before it is offered to the public. For example, our retractable banner displays undergo a rigorous Retractor Certification Assessment Test (RCAT) to determine the minimum number of retractions the stand should be able to perform.

The higher the RCAT rating, the more times the hardware will be able to successfully retract the display, and generally the more expensive the display will be. At YourDisplayExperts.com, you’ll always know what kind of life you can expect out of your hardware, whether you are buying an economy-priced display for temporary use or a professional-grade long term display.

3rd ★ – Hardware Warranties

YourDisplayExperts.com provides 90 day to 1-year warranties on most of our display hardware. If a product is found to be defective we will replace or refund upon inspection of the product. YourDisplayExperts.com stands behind our products and will make good on any product proven defective in material or workmanship under normal use.

4th ★ – Media Printing Quality Commitment

YourDisplayExperts.com is proud to be a Certified G-7 Printer, ensuring the greatest possible color accuracy throughout our design and production process. Your colors are safe with us!

5th ★ – Packaging and Shipping Commitment

It has happened too many of us – you order a display to arrive just in time for the big event, but when the package arrives you see that it took a beating in transit. We understand the potential pitfalls that can occur during shipping and provide the highest quality shipping and packing material to help ensure your display is received in excellent condition.

We invite you to compare our value and customer service commitment to the competition, we want to earn your confidence in doing business with us, our goal is to become your #1 source for all your display needs!