Signicade A-Frame

Signicade A-Frame

Signicade A-Frame Display

Readily transportable, plastic A-frame sidewalk signs marry versatility and visibility. The dependable and classic design of the Signicade A-Frame and Deluxe A-Frame allows you to display your message both indoors and out. This easily transportable sign is perfect for changing messages used during sidewalk sales or to announce café daily specials. The main differences between the Deluxe A-Frame and the Classic A-Frame are:

  • The option to purchase single or double-sided graphics with the Deluxe A-Frame, while the Classic A-Frame comes with single-sided graphics.
  • The Deluxe also does not require optionally purchased well nuts to secure its graphics.
  • While the Classic A-Frame is easy to maintain, the Deluxe is virtually maintenance free while remaining weather-resistant.
  • The Deluxe is slightly wider and heavier by 2 lbs while the Classic is slightly taller.

The Signicade A-Frame and Deluxe A-Frame and both durable and versatile frames that are sure to please in almost every event.

Signicade A-Frame
Signicade Deluxe A-Frame