Double-Sided Razor Sail Sign-13’


Double-Sided Razor Sail Sign-13’

Tall Double-Sided Advertising Flags

Look Sharp! Your idea comes to lush, vibrant life on our Double-Sided Razor Sail Sign. Your message will pop in trade show booths or outdoor venues, anywhere you need to promote your product, your services, or help your festival buddies find your campsite.

With over 50 feet of available graphic space these custom sail flags are a practical and compelling means of communication and promotion. The opaque poly liner makes sure that it’s your message that comes through and not the light. Display your Double-Sided Razor Sail Sign indoors with the scissor base option, or purchase the spike base option to easily display your message outdoors.

Our high-quality, full color Razor Sail Sign is cost-effective and great for use wherever you want to draw traffic. Simple assembly requires no tools: your custom-printed trade flag comes complete in its own carry case with graphic banner and lifetime-warranted, carbon-composite flagpole.

Our knowledgeable consultants have years experience helping our customers get what they want. Email us today and we’ll be happy to visit with you about your design or which base option will best serve your needs. Email us at, or call 844.723.1237 x128 during business hours.

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QTY12 - 56 - 1112+

    General Specifications
    The image is dye-sublimated onto super poly knit flag material with a black pole sleeve. The sail sign graphic measures 29.5"W x 124"H. The graphic liner is opaque polyester with a double-sided acrylic liner to prevent light from shining through. Not only are these units highly durable but the flag pole, constructed from a high-quality carbon composite, now comes with a lifetime warranty. Keep in mind that carbon composites are lightweight and flexible while still being much stronger than aluminum. 

    Purchase Options
    Each full kit includes:
    • Hardware with lifetime warranty
    • Single or double-sided graphic
    • A ground spike for outdoor use or a scissor base with weighted water ballast for indoor/outdoor use
    • Soft carry case
    The single or double-sided graphic is also available for purchase separately. 

    Customizing the Display
    Add this professional-looking display to any marketing plan with bright colors, crisp text and compelling images that capture the imagination. We offer our proven design experience so you get the most eye-popping Razor Sail Sign for every dollar spent. 

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